Case Studies
Automotive Security Testing
VisualThreat’s Auto Cybersecurity Testing Lab has helped various customers find security vulnerabilities such as authentication bypassing, car database leakage, OBD dongle hacking and auto app vulnerabilities. Our Testing Framework contains more than 80 testing checkpoints from the following categories:
1. Communication security
2. Telematics platform security
3. Functional security
4. Privacy leakage assessment
5. Authentication and encryption
6. Auto mobile app vulnerabilities
Connected-car Firewall
The connected-car threat landscape is changing and the vehicle becomes a new cyber attack target.
We are now witnessing the transition from car-hacking theory to scary. Vendors are actively looking for vehicle security solutions or re-evaluating their connected-car architectures. VisualThreat offers the first ever auto CAN BUS firewall solution to prevent car cyber attacks. By providing in-line protection device coupled with the mobile software agent, VisualThreat’s auto security solution enables car OEMs to discover various attack scenarios in real time.
Mobile App Security
VisualThreat meets enterprises demands by leveraging mobile app threat reputation service and threat analytics that are scalable and perform threat correlations across heterogeneous data sectors. Our BYOD portal gives you access to all mobile-related security information in one streamlined user interface. You will receive scan-at-a-glance risk status and issues inside your Enterprise.