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  • All in one: static, behavior, malware   intra-family and cross-family correlations
  • Mobile app threat score 0-100
  • Risk matrix for each app: privacy leakage, SMS monitoring, spy activities,   and more.
  • Mobile app vulnerability scan
  • Detect malware and APT threats
  • Get the most comprehensive report in seconds
  • Plug-and-play Smart Device
    The First Ever Hardware Product to
       Turn Any Car into Safe & Smart Car
    Mobile Threats Meet Smart Cars
    Attacks Ahead
    VisualThreat RESTful APIs
    Call anytime and anywhere
    • anti-theft alerting
    • lock and unlock from the cloud
    • safe driving without phone distraction
    • enable developers to customize lives in the context of smart car
    How to Protect Car OS From Attracks?
    BYOD 2.0 Enterprise Solution
    • Scan-at-a-glance mobile-related security risk status
    • Big-data-driven framework to correlate enterprise data
      enterprise mobile traffic and device activities
    • Crystal-clear analytics and reporting portal
    • Enterprise Mobile Threat Database

    Media Reports